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We are the go-to A-Star team for early-stage founders across Engineering, Product, & Design. There’s lots AI can help you with, for everything else - talk to us.

We have helped over 20 founders build wonderful companies.
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Our process is fast, friendly & simple

As a founder bring

your idea

We brainstorm your


We work every step with you to

Go Live!!!

No cost intro call to understand you and your idea

Discovery call for product roadmap & MVP plan
Weekly progress summary to your inbox
Slack channel for 24/7 support

That and everything in between to help you go from 0-1

Strategic Consulting

Tailored roadmaps, market analysis, and go-to-market strategies.

Hire Talent

Find your A-Star team without the hiring hassle. 187 East connects you with top-tier talent across Engineering, Product, & Design.

Product Design & UX/UI

Finding the right channels to take your product live. Defining what a successful GTM outcome should be.

Technical Advisory

Get the tech right from the start. We help you make informed decisions on architecture, stack, and scalability.

GTM Strategy

Launch with impact. We help your launch optimise for customer acquisition and retention.

Companies we love working with look like:

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Strong Founder Market Fit

You have picked a market to work in, you have validated the market and now itching to test out your product solution with a large set of customers

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Pre-Seed or Seed Stage

You have raised money to test out your idea with a product that your first 100 customers will love and talk about.

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Less than 10 Member team

Beyond this size lots of processes and stakeholder management becomes primary. We do work with larger teams but they are usually an exception not norm.

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While we have our favourites, our team is experienced in over 50 languages and tools that are used by developers across the world to build and ship great products.

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Full Stack Developer



Save $500 per month, or $1,500 total by subscribing quarterly


One dedicated engineer for your project
Recommendation on tech-stack, infra, and sprint cycles
Every plan comes with free discovery call with Shashank
1 meeting with Webloom team each week
Async first - all comms managed via Slack
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Currently accepting clients for March 2024

If you’re a solo-founder bootstrapping, you get 10% on the house. We know what building a ship alone in storming tide feels like.

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